Samsung Brings Bixby on Windows 11 Laptops

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While Aix-based AI-based voice assistant is not a popular option for many, a definite assistant comes with a variety of Samsung user features. The Korean giant introduced several features to Bixby over time to make it compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Now, Samsung has released its voice assistant Bixby as the Windows platform app.

Samsung Bixby Comes to Windows 11

With the Bixby app for Windows 11, users can launch apps using Voice Recovery, view weather information, search for files and photos, and control devices connected to Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem with their voice. However, it is fair to say that Bixby is currently designed to work on Samsung Galaxy Book devices.


In the definition of the app, Samsung states that “there may be restrictions on its use or in some features when used from certain products or products made by other manufacturers.” In addition, the company added that the Galaxy Book product list supports Bixby for Windows. You can check out the list below:

• Galaxy Book Pro 360
• Galaxy Book Pro
• Glass Book
• Galaxy Book Odyssey
• Glass Book Go
• Galaxy Book Go 5G

Apart from this, Samsung also mentions that users need to run Windows 10 21H1 or higher to run Bixby on their devices. I installed Bixby in a Microsoft store and tried to use a voice assistant for my Windows 10 PC. Although the app was installed on the device, Bixby unexpectedly did not work on my machine.


So it looks like the app is currently not compatible with non-Samsung devices. However, if you own the device in the list above, you can try the Bixby app from the Microsoft Store.

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hello @teky,
a few days ago I saw that they were doing some tests to the windows 11 operating system and the truth is that it did nothing of what they promised, it is believed that the reason for this is that it is not ready yet, on the other hand the voice systems are not having the relevance that was expected is possible that it is due to the amount of assistants that are available on the market and the recent of this technology, good article

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