Procrastination - A time killer: Never let it into your business

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We all know how procrastination has been a big issue when referring to the globe so far. Every human you have come across so far on planet earth,have one or two business motive .

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If you want to go into any business, you should first of all make sure that you have love for the project you are about venturing into. On my last post, I talked about this. Apart from having love for your business, while trying to venture into business, you should make sure that you should kill out procrastination totally from it. Make your research and kick you busines up and running.

Almost everybody in this world have chances to be rich, but we are afraid to take risk and that have made procrastination part of us. With that in place, it will be difficltult for our busines to hit apex.

This topic came into my mind when me and my dad was talking a about it. He made mention of some person he came across and they talk about how procrastination killed their business.

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When procrastinating, you will encounter that the economy might have taken a big twist. Things you are suppose to buy for $500 might have gotten to $700. This is the more reason you have to get up and stop procrastinate.


For the benefit of some person's who still don't know what procrastination, permit me to give you the meaning.

Procrastination can be seen as an act of postponing or delaying a given business which you want to venture into.

I dont like blaming any body for this. People want to venture into business but many issue might contribute to the action they can't take. Capital might be a major issue, environment is another big issue.

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Encounter with Mr Joseph

He met Joseph when he saw that Joseph busines is not performing very well. He got to him and asked him some questions. Mr Joseph told him that he had issues on his business and all boils to procrastination. He had clothing line. He said he is suppose to use the gain from the sales he is getting from the investment to refill the business. But he is so lazy and loves procrastination. Why he was procrastination, the lock down came and the business died off because he has no things to sell.

You can see how he was struggling with the issue. Now the bad thing in life is that if you refuse to carry out plans. When you are now ready for it, finance might have grow more than what you have.

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Encounter with Mr Samuel

After meeting Mr Joseph, he come across Mr Samuel which air his view too. Mr Damisi said that he was suppose to do feasibility study before starting his business but he failed and he ends up setting his business in a wrong place. He say assuming he did feasibility studies, that could have save him and his bussiness at this stage. You shoud have it on the back of your mind that every measures that is not put into your business, that might affect the busines positively or negatively.


From the above, we have seen how procrastination can impact business negatively. If you have chances to set up your business, do it now because now is the best time to start your project.

Even though you don't have the complete money to start up your business. We should learn to start with the capital with what you have. Slow and steady wins it all.

Slow and steady wins it all.

To round it up, there is no limit to what you can not defeat. Always endeavor to carry out you plans, it will go well into ensuring that your business hit apex.

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It is a terrible thing to procrastinate in business, lack of zeal and seriousness will be evident all over the business.

Very terrible. Such act cripples business.

 3 months ago 

Hi @tfame3865

Yes. This factor is definitely right, it can cause your company many problems, and much more when you do not face that problem or do not know how to face it to get ahead.

Thanks friend for your advice.-

For sure, it can cripple your business.

I think that most people sometimes fall into what is called procrastinating, can be normal at times, but the ideal is not to live a habit and not only at work but personally, I think that leaving everything for later sometimes makes us back on what we want to achieve in these goals. But on the other hand it can also be a little difficult to get out of that state of procrastination.

We should not leave our life on procrastination at all.

Procrastination in business is highly destructive and it should never be allowed in business at all.

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