Do you know Earning Crypto Currencies is really easy in 2021

We are in the year 2021 and Crypto currencies has seen their bestest of the time already.

Though the market crashed yesterday and we saw bitcoin and other major currencies coming down but everyone knows that this was to happen someday.

I don't know when might we saw this golden period of cryptos again but i hope that we see it soon but what until then ?

Do you know Earning Crypto Currencies is really easy in 2021 ?



You really don't have to invest anything and you can earn them , i mean a good amount of them without investing a single penny.

You can earn Crypto in many ways that cost you nothing and few of those ways are as follows.

  • By simply browsing on the internet.

yes you heard it right , you can earn free Crypto Currencies just by browsing on the internet.
Use the decentralized Browser like Brave Browser to earn brave cryptocurrency for yourself.

  • By simply using a decentralized search engine.

I heard of a search engine known as Pre search that gives you pre tokens just for searching using their search engine

  • Join blogging platform like steemit , hive , blurt etc.

there are many good projects in the form of blogging platform where you can earn free Crypto just by writing quality post or Sharing your skills.

There are for sure many other ways as well but i have shared few of them.

Thank You.



Hello @theindiantrader
We could say that within.everything it is earn cryptos currently, however, it is not at all.
It may take a few months to earn something that is really profitable and that will support us. Getting voted well on these platforms where we publish can take time, learning to edit is.another thing, then, although it sounds very easy, it has its learning cave.
The same for Brave, the reality is that you need months of use to be able to make a withdrawal, plus a minimum amount for it, which is certainly not easy...

same goes for pre Search , one needs to collect 1000 tokens to withdraw.

Relatively easy, definitely, it is a good opportunity to enter this crypto world.

In Presearch I have almost 600 tokens. I hope it continues to rise in value so when it's my turn to take them out and trade them I see profitability.

Thanks for sharing this information.