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What do new potentially good crypto projects need most?


  • Money to develop
  • Money to do marketing
  • Money to run the day to day activities

Yet money is not easy to come buy for these new projects

The prime reason for them is they may have potential but still lack the performance to match the potential.
This gap is often due to lack of funds that need to be raised.

What investors seek?

They seek good opportunities to earn, Good investors spot a potential and put their money into such a project

Poolz comes to the scene

Poolz project brings together the Projects and investors on a common ground. In other words it aims to provide the funds for the projects.
These funds are obtained from the investors.Poolz when fully launched would be a Layer-3 swapping protocol for the DeFi insfracture universe.
So what this would mean for DeFi projects is that Poolz would provide liquidity to the DeFi projects in the early phases as well as the existing projects.

Why do we need poolz?

DeFi is the next level of evolution after ICOs and IEO's
What this means is that every project in the crypto space needs to connect with investors and stakeholders in order to raise money.
This money is needed for development , marketing and the day to day working of the project.
Earlier crypto projects would raise money through ICO's that is initial coin offerings or initial exchange offereings IEO's.
The current trend is DeFi or decentralized finance.
Here the investors hold the tokens and stake them to provide liquidity.
This model though is getting successful however new crypto projects may find it difficult to raise funds.
Poolz would provide a ready liquidity pool to projects with a good potential.

The way Poolz would operate is that it would enable an investor to act as a market maker and obtain the tokens at various levels of discount.
These tokens would be used to provide liquidity.
Most centralized pools operate in a way where there is monopolistic control of the market.
Poolz aim to create a system where the community would vote and
decide on issues pertaining to Governance and operations.

How Poolz could be used?

Investors access uniswap in search of profitable investments.
Projects access uniswap to raise funds by way of offering their projects.
Poolz acts as an additional layer that matches potential projects with investors giving projects the much needed liquidity and investors potential avenues of investment in projects which are sound and have a bright future.
So the Poolz system can be used to create

  • Direct Sale Pools to carry out any over the counter or OTC deals
  • Pools with time lock or TLP pools where funds are needed for a limited time period.
  • On need base Multiple Swapping pairs can be implemented
  • The current craze is for NFT auctions so this feature can also be implemented.

POZ coin

The poolz native coin is the POZ token that is an ERC-20 token
This would be like the governance token of the Poolz ecosystem.
This token can be staked and earn staking rewards
In addition the token holders who stake the token can vote and make decisions on various matters pertaining to operations and governance.

Token burn

16.667% of daily earning would be used to perform a market buy of POZ tokens and these tokens would be burnt.
This continues till 20% of the entire supply is burnt.

Why one should hold POZ tokens?

  • To get access to exclusive liqudity pools that are reserved for POZ token holders.
  • Holding POZ tokens gets you better swap ratio and better discounts.

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  • Swapping Rewards: 1,850,000 POZ (37%)
  • Staking Rewards: 1,750,000 POZ (35%)
  • Private & Public Sale: 750,000 POZ (15%)
  • Seed Sale: 240,000 POZ (4.8%)—Successfully completed at an average price of 0.455 USD.
  • Private Sale: 360,000 POZ (7.2%)—Sale via multiple private channels at a price of 1 USD.
  • Pre-Listing Auction Pools: 150,000 (3%)—To be auctioned prior to DEX listing at a fixed price of 1.6 USD.
  • Team & Advisor: 500,000 POZ (10%)
  • Liquidity Fund: 150,000 (3%)


Final thoughts

Initially Poolz would would with ERC-20 based tokens however it plans to evolve as a platform which would help operate across chains making it a true multi layer platform

For more information please refer to the following links

Website: https://poolzdefi.com/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Poolz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poolz__
Telegram: https://t.me/PoolzOfficialCommunity
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Poolz_Announcements
Github: https://github.com/PoolzAdmin/Poolz
Our live code on Discord: https://discord.gg/8REVabc
E-mail: [email protected]
Disclaimer: This post is not investment advise and is written for education purpose. Please do your own diligence before investing.

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