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Are we blockchain ready?

When one thinks of decentralized blockchain there are a number of real time use cases that come to mind.
Logging of public data, increased efficiency of governance and better distribution of resources to the public at large are just some of the many areas in which a decentralized blockchains can be used.
In terms of mindset Are we ready for this?

Are we ready to handle Transparency?

In societies where corruption is part of everyday life the use of more transparent and efficient blockchain enabled governance models may be a difficult choice.
Lets us understand the human psychology behind this with the help of this story.

The king and the milk tax

Once upon a time there lived a king who was the ruler of a vast empire.
One year the kingdom received poor rains and the crops got ruined.
People lost jobs and there was unemployment all around.
Inflation rose and so did the prices. Something similar to the current times one may say.
In order to provide employment to the unemployed the king decided to build a pond.
It was to be a pond used to collect rain water in the rainy season.
By the time the rainy season arrived the pond was ready however there were no rains to fill the pond.
The idea behind building of the pond was a twin approach.
One to provide employment and the other to create a source of water for the poor.
The rich had big houses with deep personal water wells.
This meant they could tide over the lack of rains and the drought like conditions relatively easily as compared to the poor who had no personal water wells.

The dilemma of how to fill the empty pond with water

The king had no clue as to how the pond could be filled. The water had become scarce.
However food, vegetables and other things like milk and cheese became even more expensive.
The rich had more saving an could still buy however the poor found the going quite tough.

The wise minister suggests a solution

The king asked his wise minister for a solution and his wise minister pondered upon the situation for quite some time till he came up with a solution.
He asked the king to make an announcement that a special religious ceremony is to be conducted for the benefit of the kingdom.
For this all the rich people were asked to pour a big pot of milk into the dry pond as part of the ritual.
This needs to be done on the night of the new moon when the night is devoid of any moonlight.
As a result of the ritual the pond would be filled with water.

The kings word is a rule

The king being all powerful could make any announcement and it became the rule.

How the rule is implemented

So on the night of the new moon when it was completely dark pots after pots from the rich house holds began to arrive at the site of the water pond and their contents were poured into the pond one by one.

The king witnesses a miracle

When the king inspected the pond in the morning he was surprised to see it filled with water.
He did not understand how this could be possible.

The minister explained had the king asked the rich to share the water from their wells with the poor there would be Hugh and cry.

By way of putting the monthly milk tax to be paid by the rich in the form of a pot of milk to be poured into the pond on a dark night it gave the people an option to cheat the system.

Everyone assumed that others would pour milk and it being a dark night one could get away by pouring water instead of milk.

So everyone poured a pot of water. Even though it was scarce but their wells had enough of it and was cheaper than milk.

Further they got the feeling that they could game the system.
So the scheme continued without any dissent and the pond kept brimming with water.

This still works

We talk of good governance implementing transparency and better efficiency by way of implementing blockchains and better governance models with or without blockchains however for a lot of people it is all about cutting corners and gaming the system.

Be it evading a tax or not following the law if such an opportunity exists people try to take advantage of it.

Though culturally some people are better at following rules than others.
There are some people who jump the red light when they do not see a police man standing.

They also try to bribe and try to get away when caught.
Such people exist in every country and society. Off late I see these people dominating in society and setting the wrong precedence of break rules and law.

The situation is precarious

Some times things get so bad that if ten people go to an office to get a job done eight to nine out of them offer a bribe to jump the line or get some undue favor.

The one person who does not pay this bribes has to wait endlessly or looks like a fool.
The incident stated above may be a story however the problem is very genuine and widespread.

What are your thoughts about this.

My question is not about the government putting an unrealistic tax instead ....

In your opinion is it OK to pay a bribe to get things done or do you prefer to wait and be that fool. I am sorry to put it this way however this is how you would feel if you are the honest and law abiding guy.

Please share your opinion. A share of this post would be very much appreciated so that we may gather as much opinion about this serious situation.

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Hello friend, what a didactic way to transmit your analysis about political systems, unfortunately people tend to adopt some customs of the system and become part of corruption. This story fits in very well with what is happening in many countries around the world, which is why we are not moving forward with this vision of finding the easiest and most undue way to achieve things.

See you later, my friend. Your article is worth sharing! 👍

Thanks dear @amestyj as usual it is a pleasure to have you here and share your views.
Thanks for the share and increasing its reach

Thanks for the support and follow @curx

you're welcome, @thetimetravelerz, thanks for leaving a comment! :)

@acidyo it is an honour to get your vote on my post

Hello @thetimetravelerz
Wow, I didn't expect that story. But it clearly shows what is happening in a large part of society.
I don't know if the world is really ready to handle itself with total clarity, it doesn't suit the politicians.
And certainly, if you try to meet all the standards, some people won't and you'll be passed over, you really feel like a fool for that reality.