Let's Talk About TATCOIN: Africa's Most Valuable Utility Token

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Tatcoin, a native token of the Abit Network and the most valuable utility token in Africa so far was being founded by Gaius Chibueze aka Bitcoin Chief who happens to be the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Abit Network and TatCoin.


The Abit Network is a project poised on educating Africans and beyond on cryptocurrency and blockchain as well as creating blockchain solutions for everyday use. This project kickstarted following the benefits and opportunities cryptocurrency and blockchain has to offer in this 21st century and beyond. Its aim is to fostwr cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

More so, the Abit Network has many useful products and they include: ABitFarm, ABiTrader, ABiTCrowd, ABiT Reps, AbiT Go, AbiT Play etc. What are their functions?

Agriculture is a very vital sector being that bit is the source of the food with eat. With ABiT Farm, one can invest in the ABiT Network's generational products agro business which guarantees great returns on investment. You don't need to own a farm but you can still invest. The ABiT Farm Android mobile app is available on play store.

With ABiT Crowd, there is a simplified real estate investment programme which makes it possible for you to invest in real estate online and for as low as $15.

On the other hand, ABiTrader offers a simple and easy system for learning about cryptocurrency trading. You will agree with me that cryptocurrency trading is one of high income skills at the moment. It has over 4000 paid subscribers.

Talking of ABiT Reps, you get to be paid $90(30K Naira)onthly for joining the Community of people sharing Blockchain Solutions Created for Africa + free Vacations with ABiT Go.

ABiT Go creates the perfect and comfortable travel partner for you.
Travel is no more just luxury, but a necessary part of human existence. Thw world is too large a place for somwone to remain one place.

We will even pay you for travelling. - Abit Go

While ABiT Play presents a game it created and an entertainment platform where you can catch fun and earn money doing that. Finally you can play with work.

The AbiT NETWORK has achieved it's road map so far and what is left is for the future. See roadmoap here!


Tatcoin is still a baby project but it has great potentials and has achieved alot already. Tatcoin seed sale was being completely in the last quarter of 2019. And then it's Airdrops public sale was being achieved many days before the proposed end date. One interesting thing about Tatcoin is that it is backed by a solid team and it has many use cases.

Talking of use cases, in just 4 months of it's launch, it has been listed on two big exchanges which are Bitfxt and Idex. Also, it has been incorporated into IvendPay. Trading of TatCoin on the exchanges begins on the 13th of July. Good news for buyers and investors.


TatCoin is huge so buy TatCoin and be a part of Africa's most valuable utility token. Read the AbiT Network's White paper here

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Certainly appears to be a great idea for African's I hope this project lasts for a long time.

It's a long lasting project

More so, the Abit Network has many useful products and they include: ABitFarm, ABiTrader, ABiTCrowd, ABiT Reps, AbiT Go, AbiT Play etc. What are their functions?

While I have heard of TatCoin, I'm unfamiliar with the other tech. Hoping to stay informed on future developments.