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RE: BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview]

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I think you're looking at things from the wrong point of view, you're trying to explain your experience in the ecosystem and not the facts and the chronology of this technology "starts from the beginning" creates a timeline from when it came out of the onion net to today without many details because people are interested in details if they contribute to what they're looking for an example I'm interested in the part of the technology that generates income the other details are not relevant if the BTC was a person that question would be answered with a resume.

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Dear @trabajosdelsiglo

I trully do not understand what do you mean. I'm sharing my experience during my recent job interview, where I was asked this simple question (and that was first question I was asked): how would you explain what is blockchain to someone who knows nothing about it.

How am I looking at things from the wrong point of view? I'm failing to understand :(

Yours, Piotr

When you commented on how difficult it was to "explain what blockchain is to someone who doesn't know anything about it", I realize that you are addressing that question wrong, because instead of giving the person a chronological order of this technology you are trying to put into words your experiences with lablockchain, that makes it impossible to explain and for the person to understand.