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RE: Will Flippening Occur In The Next Bull Run!

in Project HOPE2 months ago

This is really interesting. I guess some Ripple fans would say that Ripple will be the crypto that might cause a flippening, but I do agree personally and based on your writing, that Ethereum might be the Bitcoin-slayer instead. However, I doubt that Ethereum will be able to fly x7 without Bitcoin also flying quite a lot. And if Bitcoin would lose value, I have a feeling that Ethereum would also fall in value, no matter how many cool stuff they have coming up and the number of users.

No matter what, I do feel as if Ethereum would deserve a position closer to Bitcoin in value! It will be interesting to follow it towards Ethereum 2.0 and staking, which might come at us within the coming 2-3-4 months :)


I think xrp will struggle to hold onto its rank in future with potential contenders to overthrow xrp being cardano and/or chainlink.

Ethereum might never overtake BTC but it will be very close to BTC for many years to come. However, if flippening does occur, it would be very exciting.

If the coins will flip, I believe Bitcoin will have a hard time ever regaining its place on the throne... But, I have a feeling that will not happen anytime soon!

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