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Hello there, and glad to be a part of the Project Hope community, as always! I am so inspired by @crypto.piotr, and he is really working hard to improve the quality of the community, and to make it a place worth staying! :) Thanks once again!

Today, I would just like to share some thoughts on making a passive income in the crypto-world! I am really enthusiastic about the possibilities here, especially as the "worldly" possibilities are so small. If you leave your money in the bank, you will get a 2% interest, if you are lucky. In the crypto-world, you can find so many better opportunities, and today, I would just like to mention a few of them!


Low risk passive income!

The point with passive income is to earn money while you are asleep! That is a key to succeed in life. That is why I have always been working to earn passive income, even though it might all fall back to my work. So, I consider ads on a website to be passive income as well, after all, I sleep well in the night and I earn money, while people click ads.

But, in the crypto-world, you do not even have to create the website, necessarily! There are, of course, big risks involved. How come? One of the best investment opportunities might be Hive and Steem. If you invest and vote regularly (every day), you should automatically be qualified for at least 10% interest per year (in Hive or Steem). But, if Bitcoin booms or falls apart, then we can easily see the Dollar value go down, meaning that you might have less dollars in the end, even though the number of Steem or Hive tokens you own has increased!

But, let me rather discuss a few low risk investment opportunities (passive income).

  • Use is a quite nice platform that is very easy to use. Here you can pile up a wide specter of currencies, and especially, stable coins. You will, by default, receive an 8% interest on your stablecoins, while other cryptos will give you a 4% interest. All you need to do is to keep your funds in your account, and you will receive a daily interest.
    If you even add Nexo tokens (worth 10% of your total stake), then the interest rate will increase to 5% for cryptos and 10% for stable coins! This is low risk!

  • Stake at Binance
    Binance is a place of trust, and that could clearly be seen during the SteemCryptoChallenge a few weeks ago, in which Binance was constantly mentioned as the best and the favorite exchange of lots of bloggers. So, if you trust the platform, why not stake your BUSD or your BNB tokens and get a high interest. If you even add your tokens to the Launchpad platform, you can easily get an interest about 30% (with your BNB tokens). Considering that the Binance Coin is one of the most stable coins (not being a stable coin), that is actually a quite good investment. But, if you don't want to be a part of the launchpad stuff, then you can simply go to the savings page and lock your BUSD and USDT tokens for a set period for a set interest rate. Not bad at all!

These are some low risk investment opportunities that will help you make your money work for you, and they are way better than any bank interest you will find out there.

There are, of course, way more risky investments as well, and I might mention them in a later article. But as of know, let us remain with the safe (and boring) investments!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


That's a great writeup, I use Binance chief of all, i think its great that you get to lock up quite a lot of your crypto there and just leave it for passive income

That is so true :) Absolutely one of my favorites as well!

Hello friend, interesting publication, I don't really know Nexo, but it would be good to investigate, I think we should diversify our money and never count on a single income, I think that is the problem of most people. They only count on their salary and don't look for ways to expand their options!

Certainly binance is excellent, many people use it and it is sure to be among the first options!

Hello friend, thanks for sharing your experiences to obtain passive income, I do not know but if I know binance, the alternatives that you mention sound interesting I will investigate a little about it.

See you later, have a great week !

 3 months ago 

Dear @unbiasedwriter

Finally I managed to find some time to catch up with reading previously bookmarked posts before they reach 7 days :)
Solid piece of read buddy. As always.

If you leave your money in the bank, you will get a 2% interest, if you are lucky.
That would be something. hich bank does offer 2%? Right now it seem that even 2% is more than banks are willing to offer.

Thanks for sharing some ideas
As always, Project.hope community is proud to have you on-board :)

Have a great sunday :)
Yours, Piotr

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