Don’t Be Cajoled Into Any Form Of Investment

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There are lot of business out there most people will always feel like doing but they are always scared because of one reason or the other especially because they have joined may business which keep failing them. one big mistake we always make is that we do allow people to cajole us into any form of business they bring to us. Yes I said it, stop allowing people to cajoled you to join any investment your mind don’t feel like joining.

Back then before joining this platform, have been introduce to lot of buinesses especially all this Multi level marketing buisness which do make people to refer others before they earn. Refering is good but we should make research before joining any business because there are some business where if you don’t referral you will not earn anything and anybody who is in this situation will start cajoling people to join that kind of investment so that they can earn. Am really talking from experience, before my eyes opened, this people will be finding every means so that I can join, some will even promise you automatic referrals or they will tell you team work which is totally lie, one you register, you will surely be on your own.

Before you do any business, make sure you D.Y.O.R (do your own research) make research on that business/investment you want to do, know the up and down of the business, check people review about it, that is important. If you don’t do that you will keep falling for them, what I use to do is this, any business that will put me in a situation where I will have to depend on others before I earn, I always fun from them. what will happen to you investment if you don’t see people to referral again, is that the end of your investment? If you have this in mind you will always make research well before engaging in any form of investment.


Being informed will always be the best option, besides there are many businesses that only seek to take advantage of people for that reason being educated before investing in something is indispensable.

People are currently been cajoled into making investments with the promise that their funds are safe while it is false and this is the reason why we have to make our research properly before we make any form of investment.

@valchiz investment is a very tricky thing we need to keep our eyes open before doing any investment. My best strategy is that I will do all my due diligence in any investment I will make and keep a track of it.

Research and more research needs to be carried out before we give anyone our money no matter the level of promise made to us.

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Hi @valchiz

Finally I've found some time to catch up and read few previously bookmarked posts.

Thanks for sharing your experience in that particular field.

stop allowing people to cajoled you to join any investment your mind don’t feel like joining.

It's always best not to let people know that we've money / resources. So they wouldn't bother us with their crazy business ideas and asking for support :)

Solid read. Upvoted already.
Yours, Piotr

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