Entrepreneurs And Their Traits We Can Emulate For Success

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When it come to succeeding in this very particular world we are in, it isn’t a day job and it is far more than that desire and passion we are thinking about. It takes a lot of time cultivating and at times we can emulate some successful traits we can view in the life of some entrepreneurs we are looking up to. For the past few days, have check out some entrepreneurs lifestyle and also some of their success stories which always serve as motivation to every entrepreneurs. I do have this thought that knowing some details or making research on some successful entrepreneurs can give you some insight and also act as a booster pack for your entrepreneur journey because you will be able to gain a lot of things and at times know how they face and overcome challenges. Some entrepreneurs I checked were:

Grant Cardone With The Confidence Trait

I remember I once wrote a post about this great man and some life lessons we can learn from him. I came to understand the power of confidence in the life of an entrepreneur because it is one ability that can pave ways and take you places in this life, do you have that confident even when people are against your dream and goal, when people thing it is over for you because you keep failing, do you know what make Grant Cardone not to budge from his goals even after all challenges? It is because he have that confidence and his belief about himself is very strong.

Narayana Murthy With The Courage Trait

Courage is one thing we need to have as a trader, we need to understand that life is a risk and not taking that bold step towards that dream and passion you have, wont really give you that positive result you wish you have. I still remember when I do try to take some trade when trading forex but because I lack the courage even after seeing confirmation of where the market will go, I still wont take it because of fear (lack of courage). Lack of courage is one main reason we fail as an entrepreneur and we tend to shrink when we suppose to expand.

Jeff Bezos With The Patience Trait

There is this saying that goes thus

put the customer first, invent and be patient

One thing an entrepreneur need is patience, we should know that in what ever we want to do, we should always have this long term goal, rushing to do things or expecting quick result will not give you that success you really deserve. You have to always consider the big picture

Steve Job With The Leadership Trait

We all know the story of Steve Job and how he build up Apple from scratch, impact people and even touch lot of lives through his leadership skills. Been a leader, you should always know there are people out there that will always look up to you, you should be able to impact them positively and know that a leader doesn’t make excuses because such attitude doesn’t have any positive effect on success.


Love your outline and thanks for sharing it with us.

you are welcome

Wonderful attributes for everyone who is in a business to emulate, if we truly want to get successful we have to regularly emulate those who have attained success in the field.

that is actually my point, it will serve as motivation to you

Such a good trait indeed which is worth emulating.

thanks for reading through sir

 last month 

Hi @valchiz
It is good to emulate, but only the good however that does not mean that everything will go well, it is as you mention it should work hard to achieve success, but that work should be accompanied by doing things right leaving aside the mistakes and if you have errors just correct and follow.

yes, we shouldnt expect things to always go well but there are some things that can always motivate us to keep moving anytime we face challenges

Hello friend, I believe that these are very good qualities and that every entrepreneur should have above all the confidence in himself, that will help us to overcome any obstacle in our professional and personal life. Greetings!

yes this are some qualities entrepreneur should always have. greetings too

Steve Job's leadership trait is probably one to learn, being able to bring out the best in people is a very vital character and entrepreneur most build, without patience you might still make a good entrepreneur.

Excellent way to explain some of the principles or attitudes that an entrepreneur should have, I agree with everyone but I think that many people do not move forward because of lack of courage and low self-confidence.

Excellent material, worth sharing, successes friend! 🤝

Courage and patience is highly necessary for success to be achieved in business, it takes courage to take a new and strong step while patience is required to follow through.

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