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RE: BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview]

Are you asked to lighten up those,no matter their age, about the blockchain, how it is built or it's possibility?

"What is the blockchain," my child asked me only a few days ago.

To me it's not different from the internet but just the way it is made (built) is.
Little 'blocks', build by computers, make a chain where information can be stored and found with a bit extra... cryptocureencies (alt) couns can be mined.

"Those computers always run?"

Most of them do

"What if 50% is shut down?"

Everything slows down.

To be honest I doubt if it is interesting to know what exactly it is, how it is build since this isn't the most interesting part for those who literally knownothing. What I do know is those who tried to explain it use mainly words insiders know about what they mean.

A question like this I would return with a question "What exactly do you like to know? How it's build? What the options are or better: What exactly do the people I need to inform like to know?"

Many can ask the same question but it doesn't mean they are interested in hearing the same answer.

 5 months ago 

Wow. I absolutely appreciate this awesome feedback @wakeupkitty.pal

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