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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

To be honest I always forget about project hope if it comes to posting to this community. Main reason I care about a small community that helps little fish (many are from Venezuela) and since there are hives we can only use one hive and what is posted into the community can not be read by followers, the platform unless the post is resteemed.
With my slow connection this is frequently not possible which means I use the same hives or none at all.

A read a few posts and can not say I felt enthusiastic about it at that time. I found it all the same and what I call a "stiff" (not catching) writing style.

This means I only read if I am asked/see the notification and we drifted apart.

If I can I support and try to promote the project where I can but I am not sure if it helps.

For sure this project/community is something different on Steem although it's no longer clear what. I thought it was to help.people in Venezuela, next it was to provide some in a job but if that helps if you can only write about certain subjects? I do not see the link between those subjects and am interested in hearing what exactly it stands for.

I hope that after today Steem is still there and you will not feel disappointed because you bet on the wrong horse.

I wish you the SP delegation with whole my heart mainly because I know that you stand for your word and will use it wisely. 💕

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Hi @wakeupkitty

I just realized that somehow I didn't see your comment and I just read it now. Thx for being so responsive :)

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr