Looking For Delegations / Auto-Upvotes To Work Full Time As A Content Creator

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Hey everyone,

So I'm off for the next couple of weeks as things calm down with the virus. This leaves me with time to work and I'm trying to figure out the best way to spend it to make money. I'm not in a financial position to be too choosy and I need to best utilise my time. I would like to work on here but unless I can clear $50-$100 I know I should be spending my time on other sites or furthering my education to get better work when things settle. Before I make a decision I want to ask if anyone can delegate to me or set up an auto-voter for my content.

I'm not looking to be greedy, just want to make the same as minimum wage. I can do 1-4 posts a day, depending on how many you want and the type of content you are looking for and all my content will be at least 300 words to get picked up by google, but I i will aim for 700 plus and they will be SEO friendly. At this time I'm not looking to build up a personality online just work freelance for anyone to make money. I can also make content for communities if you are looking to grow one

Here are some examples of my work:

Short story:






Please let me know, any help is appreciated. I can then make a decision of how to spend my time over the next couple of weeks or maybe months if this continues. If it doesn't work here I'll keep an eye on the site and come back when the value of the coin is up. But I do worry that can take years if ever (though I am very bullish)

All the best,


 7 months ago 

Hi @whatageek

I could potentially help you out, however it's difficult since you neither replied to comments from project.hope or mine previous comment. And overall it seem that you're not engaging much with others.

Either way, DM me if you like to talk about options of collaborating with me and project.hope. (discord: crypto.piotr#3426, telegram: crypto_piotr)


Hey piotr

I'm currently not on discord which i why I didn't respond but I could get it. Yeah I used to reply a lot but got a little tired of steem being so low for so long that I've just been posting content when I get the chance and not really using the site socially. I'm open to change it and be more active but i just don't have the money or time right now for steem so low when I make like a dollar a post.


 7 months ago 

I fully understand. It is surely discouraging not to be able to earn some decent rewards.

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