How I look at you: It's all about perspective.

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This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE.


Constantly, anywhere in the world, everyone is judged by something. Be it in accordance with the way people dress, how people behave in places and also how people exercise the right to express their opinions on the most different and controversial types of subjects. Of course, these three examples are just the tip of something that is much bigger and much more complicated.

Everyone is seen by a very particular look, which is defined by the way people judge themselves (directly or indirectly). These judgments happen as a response to everything we say or do and this kind of reaction, despite being something wrong, cannot be mixed with the reality of the facts. What you say or do can be interpreted in many different ways by other people and that, of course, can be a bad thing.

However, it is a reaction that you cannot and cannot control because it is not up to you, and although you often want to "control" what people think about what you do or what you say, the way they they receive their actions or their words has an entirely private reception for each person. At this point, it is very important to understand that everything is a matter of perspective (over which you have no control).

Although you are authentic in everything you do or want to do, without worrying about what other people will say about you... Because believe me, they will talk about you - in one way or another - much more than that you can imagine. There is always someone in the "eye of the hurricane", but the good thing about this scenario is that nobody is in the center of it for so long. Be original, be happy and above all... Be you!

Cómo te miro: Se trata de perspectiva.

Constantemente, en cualquier parte del mundo, todo el mundo es juzgado por algo. Ya sea de acuerdo con la forma de vestir de las personas, cómo se comportan las personas en los lugares y también cómo las personas ejercen el derecho a expresar sus opiniones sobre los temas más diferentes y controvertidos. Por supuesto, estos tres ejemplos son solo la punta de algo mucho más grande y mucho más complicado.

Todo el mundo es visto por una mirada muy particular, que se define por la forma en que las personas se juzgan a sí mismas (directa o indirectamente). Estos juicios ocurren como respuesta a todo lo que decimos o hacemos y este tipo de reacción, a pesar de ser algo incorrecto, no se puede mezclar con la realidad de los hechos. Lo que dices o haces puede ser interpretado de muchas formas diferentes por otras personas y eso, por supuesto, puede ser algo malo.

Sin embargo, es una reacción que no puede ni puede controlar porque no depende de usted, y aunque a menudo desea "controlar" lo que la gente piensa sobre lo que usted hace o lo que dice, la forma en que reciben sus acciones o sus palabras tiene una recepción totalmente privada para cada persona. En este punto, es muy importante entender que todo es cuestión de perspectiva (sobre la cual no tienes control).

Aunque seas auténtico en todo lo que haces o quieres hacer, sin preocuparte por lo que dirán de ti otras personas... Porque créeme, hablarán de ti - de una forma u otra - mucho más que que te puedas imaginar. Siempre hay alguien en el "ojo del huracán", pero lo bueno de este escenario es que nadie está en el centro durante tanto tiempo. Sé original, sé feliz y sobre todo... ¡Sé tú!

Como eu olho para você: É um tudo uma questão de perspectiva.

Constantemente, em qualquer lugar do mundo, todo mundo é julgado por alguma coisa. Seja de acordo com a maneira como as pessoas se vestem, como as pessoas se comportam nos lugares e também como as pessoas exercem o direito de expôr suas opiniões sobre os mais diferentes e controversos tipos de assuntos. É claro que esses três exemplos são apenas a ponta de algo que é muito maior e muito mais complicado.

Todo mundo é visto por um olhar bem particular, que é definido pela forma como as pessoas se julgam (direta ou indiretamente). Esses julgamentos acontecem como uma resposta a tudo o que nós falamos ou fazemos e esse tipo de reação, apesar de ser algo errado, não pode se misturar com a realidade dos fatos. O que você fala ou faz pode ser interpretado de muitas maneiras diferentes pelas outras pessoas e isso, evidentemente, pode ser algo ruim.

No entanto, é uma reação que você não e nem consegue controlar porque não depende de você, e apesar de você muitas vezes querer "controlar" o que as pessoas pensam sobre o que você faz ou sobre o que você fala, a maneira como elas recebem os seus atos ou as suas palavras tem uma recepção inteiramente particular para cada pessoa. Neste ponto, é muito importante entender que tudo é uma questão de perspectiva (da qual você não tem nenhum controle).

Apesar seja autêntico em tudo o que você o que quer fazer ou falar, sem se preocupar com o que as outras pessoas vão falar sobre você... Porque acredite, elas vão falar de você - de um jeito ou de outro - muito mais do que você pode imaginar. Há sempre alguém no "olho do furação", mas o lado bom desse cenário é que ninguém fica no centro dele por tanto tempo. Seja original, seja feliz e acima de tudo... Seja você!


It is exactly like you say especially in my language, you will say one word but they will give you another meaning from what you mean to say but like you said let's be original and be happy and be yourself don't change because of others.

The nature of human beings is very complex and I believe that this will not change over the years.


You are correct, the reactions given towards life is all dependant on human view, the interpretation that people have about life will greatly depend on the way they are going to treat you no matter what you do.

In the midst of so many and possible interpretations there are misunderstandings... And that's how humans are trying to communicate, haha!


It is something irrelevant that always happens in any part of the world that we are criticized for the way we speak, dress, walk, eat, the looks express what the person wants to say to you without the need to speak, only with a look you say many good or bad is incredible but a look transmits security to you many times to me has happened. Greetings and thanks for sharing your article.

Everywhere in the world you will be criticized... The secret to handling it well is how much you will care about bad comments.

Thanks for stopping by, @sandracarrascal.

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Hi @wiseagent

The best way to be original and to be you is to not pay attention to bad comments, they always told me that when they talk about you it is because somehow you draw attention and you can never please anyone, I must always focus on pleasing my tastes and needs to be able to serve others.

They will always talk about you even if they don't know you and if you know yourself they will talk twice, for better or for worse-

Ignoring bad comments can be tricky, but it's always the best thing to do.


Hello friend, as always with a very interesting publication, people in my experience love to criticize and see with good or bad eyes the lives of others, but they don't care about their own, so that's something we'll never be safe from, the best thing we can do is to live our own way and let others believe what they want to believe, that will prevent us from wearing ourselves out physically and mentally!


Unfortunately, many people prefer to criticize for free and not help in a really efficient way.


Greetings friend, very true what you say, if you do it wrong or you do it right, they still talk about you, many people want to project themselves in other people, but every human being is authentic and we should not handle ourselves to the taste of others, we should have self-esteem and criterion.

See you later friend, successes! 🤝

Well said, @amestyj.

Positively speaking (talking about our personal goals), I think we always have to put ourselves in first place.

It is very normal to have people who will keep talking no matter what we try to do or the step we try to take it is important for us to keep true to the things we believe, cheers.

Yes, first we have to hear ourselves in order to hear others.

Thanks for stopping by, @ireti.

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