Managing Emotions

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Hello friends of Project Hope! This time I bring you a very interesting topic related to emotional intelligence, I invite you to read.

While it is true that most of the problems we face today have to do with the need to solve issues related to the economic part, it can also happen that we ourselves generate more problems because we do not find the right solutions because we incorrectly handle situations and our emotions in the face of the adversities that we face.

So, do we need to be emotionally intelligent to solve the challenges of everyday life?

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Previously, intelligence was only related to the ability to learn, reasoning and logic; however, it is now considered to be much more than that, and it also encompasses the skills we have to relate to other people and to ourselves, to know how to react to our emotions and those of others.

So how does being emotionally intelligent help us?

If we manage to recognize our emotions, if we know how to manage them, we can avoid falling into states of depression, anxiety, anger or frustration. Interestingly, several scientific studies show that success in life is related to emotional intelligence rather than rational intelligence.

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If this ability is highly developed, it is easier to adapt to the environment, work in a team, be more motivated, be more creative and have good self-esteem, we will also have greater concentration, learning ability, and will allow us to establish greater empathy with others, and especially help us to overcome the challenges of everyday life as it will make us more resilient to problems.

It is important to train this skill from an early age or if it is an adult, it is necessary to look for strategies and tools to help us. That is why it is important to encourage it in our children from an early age, because sometimes we focus on them only developing their intellectual potential and we forget about the emotional and social part, which will bring them many benefits and will allow them to manage their own emotions and direct them to achieve their goals.

As children it is easier to train them in this aspect, since they are more flexible, open and with great learning capacity, it will help us to guide them to overcome tantrums, to manage their failures and frustrations, teaching them to focus their attention on finding solutions and not to block in the face of problems.

Are you one of those people who know how to manage their emotions? What can we do to improve emotionally?

The important thing is to connect with emotions, recognize them, accept them and not try to repress or reject them because otherwise they will appear again and again throughout our lives and if they are not beneficial it is better to act.

We must be aware that there are emotions that bring negative implications, and that harm us, so we must make decisions and seek the solution to prevent the situations that generate that emotion from occurring. Sometimes it is also advisable to keep a distance from people who have a negative influence.

Although it may seem difficult, we must also try to understand the emotions of others and be empathetic, so we will relate more easily and something very important is that we must learn to express and communicate our emotions, that will help us solve many problems at work and personal level.

Children copy the behavior of their parents, so if our desire is that they manage their emotions correctly, we must work to be the best models.

I hope this is of great help to you, until next time!


Good evening. Very well focused article. I think that emotional intelligence as a tool should be well disseminated. Elements such as self-knowledge, assertiveness, communication and empathy make us emotionally intelligent people. Thank you very much for sharing.

Hi @ellieth! As you say, self-knowledge is very important, as well as empathy and communication. Sometimes we hold back so much and do not express what we feel without knowing how much it harms us physically and emotionally and makes us stagnate without being able to move towards success. Thanks for commenting!

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