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RE: Introducing: AltYes - The New Way to Share Your Content

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wow if this can replace @share2steem like @algocoder had created and which is down, then we could all have a VERY much needed service, honestly having share2steem for youtube instagram and twitter was all we needed, SOME steemians like sin city instagram sf photograpgher man that wa sso cool when i saw GOOD content on instagrama nd notcied the STEEM hashtag? it was great! WE NEED that back we are liek a secret CLub of ELITE we ERALLy are ... but steem was SO IONCLUSIVE.

STEEM is so undervalued we are SO CLOSE we JUST have to gop out and talk to a few more peoiple :D show off what we have our BIG PICTURE the BIG STORy we need DOPCUMNETRAY FILM ABOUT STEEM for VICE AND MOTHERBOARD


..SELF CORRECTINga nd ANTI FRAGILE... we LITERALY PAY peopel to FIGURE OUT how to AMKE tyehc hain wqork BETTER andmore democratiuc!

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