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RE: Introducing: AltYes - The New Way to Share Your Content

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This seems like a really awesome and helpful project! Reminds me of that share2steem app that disappeared a while back. I used it and was bummed to see it go, so this is great news for me. :D

I have two questions right now. And maybe you've answered these elsewhere, but, I haven't read everything and might as well just ask.

First question is, do you plan on adding other social media in the future like Instagram for example? I didn't see that one on your list and it's a pretty popular social media.

Second question is... I posted to steem just fine and it worked, though, I'm having trouble posting to Facebook, is that feature not implemented yet or am I just doing something wrong?

When I click share for Facebook nothing happens and I don't see where/how to log into my Facebook account through the app? Thanks for any help you can offer!

PS Share2steem was never able to get posting to Facebook to work, so if you managed to do that and it works I think I'm going to fall in love with this app and hopefully get a number of other people to use it as well!

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With the Facebook/Instagram integration, we will put Instagram on there and initially, it was on the pallet to start with. We opted first for more strictly social sites instead of media based ones.

I know it works well and my suggestion would be to check to see if you have pop-ups enabled as it will surface another smaller window to post to Facebook/Twitter etc. Look for the 'How To' video to be released today and maybe that will help!

Thanks for the answers and quick response.
Ahh. I see. Good to know.
I just turned pop-ups on and it works now. Thanks!
I have a follow up question now if you don't mind.
Is there a way to post to Facebook through the app, without including a link?

The reason I ask is because I rarely ever post links on Facebook as the algorithm to my knowledge does not favor links compared to regular text or pictures and more often than not when I post links they get almost zero engagement compared to text and pictures.

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This is designed to share links and various content to other platforms so I imagine simply posting a picture or a brief message without a relay would fall into the actual posting category. This is not a front-end but rather a bridge. I hope that answers your question.

Oh. I see. That's a bummer. Guess this won't help me with posting stuff to Facebook then as links are basically a lost cause on that site for me for the most part in my opinion.

Share2steem had it where you could upload content from Instagram to steem as well and copied the same content over, I don't know exactly how they did it... But, I think they used tags somehow and Facebook doesn't really use tags in a similar way to my knowledge so I'm guessing that's why they had trouble replicating it over there.

I'm not sure if there's any way for your team to think about this or possibly work on a feature where you could "cross post" in general as opposed to being limited to "cross posting links", but, even if you never address that or are unable to, I still think your app is pretty cool... It allows me to post stuff to steem easier in some ways which is awesome. Though... So far the two things I shared only received 12 upvotes each and no comments which seems a lil weird, but, it may just be because what I shared wasn't very compelling. I'll continue to try it out and see if it's beneficial. Thanks!

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We can definitely take it into consideration and put it on the plate for future updates and see if it's a pssoibility!

Cool! :) I subscribed to your email list earlier, so, hopefully I'll be notified of that update if it ever happens in the future someday. Peace!


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wow if this can replace @share2steem like @algocoder had created and which is down, then we could all have a VERY much needed service, honestly having share2steem for youtube instagram and twitter was all we needed, SOME steemians like sin city instagram sf photograpgher man that wa sso cool when i saw GOOD content on instagrama nd notcied the STEEM hashtag? it was great! WE NEED that back we are liek a secret CLub of ELITE we ERALLy are ... but steem was SO IONCLUSIVE.

STEEM is so undervalued we are SO CLOSE we JUST have to gop out and talk to a few more peoiple :D show off what we have our BIG PICTURE the BIG STORy we need DOPCUMNETRAY FILM ABOUT STEEM for VICE AND MOTHERBOARD


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