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RE: Introducing: AltYes - The New Way to Share Your Content

in FullAltlast year (edited)

I just tested it here:

It worked VERY well. Congratulations team on a fine product.

The only issue is that it did not pick up the picture from the post i shared and display it in the preview of the Steem post. -EDIT: Correction - i just looked again and the picture is previewed. So, it works VERY VERY well.

I do have some concerns though that this could flood Steem with not so good (often meaningless drivel - perhaps thats a bit harsh - that often appears on FB). Let's hope users are cautious with it's use. I would suggest that a requirement for a miniumum of 250 characters in the original content box might help stop willy nilly sharing of this ilk just to earn tokens. Please give this some serious consideration @fullalt team

Do you have tokens for sale btw?


 last year 

No tokens at the moment, but it is an option we are considering. Do like the minimum requirement and have also added that to the table :) Thank you for trying it! Let us know your experience moving forward!