No this can be used on all browsers and since Dissenter is a browser itself and quite obscure (right now) and runs almost the same as Brave, you can probably pull it from the play store, but honestly have not tested that notion since I don't nor any of our team even thought to use it. Do let us know if you decide to try it out :)

Browser & Addon:

Well, Dissenter has been an add-on as well and not just a browser. I use Dissenter every day and it works very well. But they had a FireFox add-on prior to launching their browser which is a fork of Brave like you said.


I don't currently know if the add-on still works on Firefox to date but it at least did work. I also don't know if that add-on worked on other web browsers or not. I will let you know if I get around to trying Alt Yes. I also use Ubuntu.

Alt Yes

Dissenter let's you share things to Gab. It sounds like Alt Yes let's you share stuff to Steem. So, that is why I compared it to Alt Yes. But, at the same time, Alt Yes might be more universal like you said, it may be working on more browsers. I don't know if that is true but it might be true.

Why limit ourselves to 'a browser', when we can think out of the box and do things in ways that are not copying others but setting the path to new and bigger things in the world of innovative thinking.

We want the world to use Steem.

To do that we shall introduce new tools to get that job done.

Likewise, we want the entire world of people on social networks to feel at home with it, which means that we need to comply with what people want and need.

Steem is definitely going to rock the world of crypto and social networking.

Why wait for SMTs, let's tokenize the world wide web now, with Steem!

Note: had to say this, couldn't resist, even if I am not the PR person in the team!


Steem does have an advantage over Gab.

Steem has everything other blockchains need:

A community of people who believe in what Steem has to offer.

That is by far our greatest and most important advantage.

As for the tech side of things, Steem has proven that it can handle what most others can't as far as transactions go, and in "real time" (under 3 seconds).

Proven in action, not theory or 'testing', but real transactions on the blockchain, by real people.

Apart from that, we also have added features such as the DAO/SPS which ensure our governance model can be independent of all foreign entities out there, hence making Steem unique in so many ways that many others could only wish for.

We have literally put Steem on the map of social networking and blockchain tech that is so unique and puts us at the head of any endeavour that wishes to tokenize the web.

I could keep going on, but yes, at the end of the day, we have a perfect opportunity to make Steem become everything it set out to be.

That is why I focus mostly on Steem. I sometimes join other websites. I try to be everywhere on the Internet but have been emphasizing on Steemit since 2017. I've been a web designer but I'm no expert. But I get some of it. I like how Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, IPFS, etc, works. I don't remember what DAO/SPS is. I probably should look that up. I like independence, flexibility, customization. I love anything and everything that helps decentralize the Internet. I encourage Weku, Bear Shares, Minds, Gab, etc, to compete with Steem. But so far, Steem was the first and is still is the leader as a blockchain / crypto social network.