I seriously think that no matter what we see on the market today it somewhat reminds people of what they are bombarded with in the mainstream media.

The Logo was definitely not inspired by any political agenda, that much I can vouch for as it was done and redone and it evolved into what we see today. A lot of different versions were "chewed on" over and over again and when our key designer came up with this one, we all said "F.. YES" so it was a process of sleeping on various ideas and designs and making 5 very different individuals satisfied with it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, we could put a picture of a bird up there, any bird, pick one, and it would probably remind various people of various things that are being seen on our TV screens every day. Just the way life is.

But I will say this much, now that you mentioned it, it will stick in my mind that a person out there saw some political connotation to our artwork, which is something that will be kept in mind no matter if we agree or disagree on what any of us see in it.

Good to share opinions and thoughts, gives an insight into the world from other peoples perspectives and helps us advance and further better our future endeavours.

Much appreciate you sharing this with us.