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At Impulse Steemit we aim to form a pretty solid community for the good of Steemit, we want to gather the Steemit platform to other social networks, applications or websites in general.

We have several projects in mind that we will be developing over time, if you want to know more about Impulse Steemit we invite you to have a look at the Introduction of Steemit Impulse


  • Design banners with different applications, so that they appeal to everyone.



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  • Create a Facebook page.

  • Promote the Banner to different types of audiences nationally and internationally.


Image taken from Facebook.

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Requirements for development.

We want to raise a capital fund through UpVotes that will allow us to be able to afford the advertising payments, we have 2 current projects and many more to start.

We have a team with marketing experience and a passion for Steemit, as the project develops we will include international advertising to increase the audience.

As the project grows, we will be looking for new team members to create a Steemit fan page, we will have different moderators on the page to help us promote Steemit and keep track of it, as well as help anyone who wants to get involved with Steemit.

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Advertising details.


When we collect the first funds, we will launch a $30 advertising campaign, which will last 24 hours and will be available in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

Estimated scope


Other details.

  • Age: 18-65+

  • Gender: All.

  • Languages: All.


When we successfully publish the first Impulse Steemit advertisement, we will make frequent reports showing with full transparency all the statistics achieved.

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Facebook Project leader: @imagen.


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Hola @imagen, es un gusto ser de los primeros en conocer este proyecto. Mi nombre es Alejandro, @psicoparedes. Seguramente me has visto por ahí. Me gusta la idea del proyecto, y espero que traiga grandes cosas. Me gustaría formar parte, para ayudar en lo que se pueda, de ser posible, cuando recluten a nuevos miembros para el equipo. Ya sea para moderar, guiar o cosas por el estilo. También para diseñar. Uso Canva para eso. Si en un futuro necesitan de más personal, tomenme en cuenta :) saludos

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