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Hello everyone!

If you’re here it’s because something made you curious. If so please keep reading!

You must be asking yourself what is Impulse Steemit ?!

It is a project that aims to breakout Steemit in other social media platforms

With the help of different marketing strategies, we plan to promote Steemit on Instagram, Facebook and Google Adsense, which is responsible for distributing advertising on blogs, websites and applications linked to Google.

Feel free to use our community for any kind of Steemit content, for example:

  • Guides for new users.

  • Tips and hints for a better adapt and understand of the platform.

  • Cybersecurity.

  • Any kind of content related to the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Topics like: Economics, Finance, History, Business, Sciences.

If you want to post other type of content, please ask us first.

Most cases, our target audience will place their first interaction trough our community. Therefore we must show that Steemit offers interesting high quality content.

We hope you want to impulse the movement and looking forward for your feedback!!



This is just a good starting. Between, is your community under the booming supports?

No, not yet, we would love to have booming support in the future, best regards!

Una propuesta bastante interesante, estaré pendiente para ver como se desarrolla.


desde ese punto de vista, parece bien interezante la propuesta...