Helpage India Curation Report ( 20th February 2021 )

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Helpage India was born on 15th February 2021. It is not much time from that day and we have seen a bunch of good people are writers who have joined our Community.

So far we have got 22 subscribers and we hope that more people will be coming and joining the community as time passes.

Well , we are here with the first Curation Report of Helpage India Community where we will be highlighting some good quality post.

Before we move ahead we would like to thank every single person who have wrote under our community.
It means alot to us that in less than a week we have 100+ post and 20+ posters.


Top Post this week :

  1. Post by @kahkashan where she has told how we can add few activities in our daily life for a better lifestyle.
    If you want to visit her post Click here

  2. A poem by written by @blacks . he has written about how everything has been changing now and then but still there is a grain of disbelief in everyone's life.
    To read his poem Click Here

  3. Another poem by @ankit1998 , he has written a poem in Bengali language and This poem indicates a relationship between mother and son.
    This is a true story where son passed away before her mother, because he believed that he can't live without her mother.
    To visit and see his poem Click Here

The above are the three top post selected for this week. There are post created by @kamranrkploy as well.

He is writing the basics about the platform and things related to the platform.

So In case you are new to the platform do visit his post as it might be useful for you.

That's All , we will be back with more top post next week on Saturday.

Thank You once again to everyone who is contributing in the community and helping us build a powerful and Strong community.

We would also like to Thank :

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Good to see your community is doing wonderful job. Keep it up this post re-steemed by me. 👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Thank You for mentioning me😊

Thank you @steemcurator01 for your support, also want to thank you all those who supported and resteemed our post.