I will use it for the future

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I hope everyone is well, everyone is having a good time. I wish you could see the colored pencils in front of me. I hope you can think of many things by looking at them, but this is a very important thing for me.Although the thing is very small, I have a lot of feelings and emotions behind the thing.

About a year ago I bought these color pencils for my younger sister because she loved to draw so now my sister is a little older so she doesn't use them anymore but I want to use these things and my future I'm thinking about this thing.
When I was tidying the house this morning, I saw these things and what attracted me a lot.In fact, when my little sister was young, she used to try to draw pictures in different notebooks and color the pages. Today she has grown up so these are much later. But a few days later when I have a baby I think when he/she grows up I will give him/her these things and tell him/her that your aunt is drawing with these. I think these things will be a means of collaborating in drawing a lot of pictures for my future generation.So I collected these things without wasting them now.

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@hiramoni so colourfull.how are you sister?

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Well.thanks didi for your compliment.