Time is running out for me to eat fruit now

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A few days ago, the man I could not eat properly was constantly nauseous and in excruciating physical pain. All of a sudden, after seeing the doctor and taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, all my physical problems are gone Got better and I'm feeling a lot healthier now than before.Honestly, my appetite for food has increased a lot from before and I am constantly trying to eat some other fruit.

What happened suddenly after seeing the doctor was that everything was free of my problems. Anyway, I feel much better now than before.The doctor told me to eat lots of fruits and juicy foods and eat nutritious food to fill my body's nutritional deficiencies.
Then my husband went to the fruit shop yesterday with great difficulty even inside this lockdown and bought a lot of fruits for me. However, now I have to eat them all the time, although I am grateful for what he has done for me.

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Delicious and tasty fruit

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Thanks for your kind words.

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@hiramoni Happy to know that you are fine now. take care.