2 months ago 

How are you? i believe you are good. do you know me. i am your friend @shuvo35 wife .I have heard a lot from Shuvo about you and at one time many of you may have said Shuvo to me. It was good to see your comment in our community today. Anyway, I have mentioned it to him and he will definitely contact you if he is free. Thank you.

Hi yes, I remember you, thank you for letting Shuvo know about the comment.
My pleasure, @hiramoni.

 2 months ago 

@jamerussellI don't know why she posted here but I knew her a long time ago and I used to talk to her when we were very active on @steemit and I liked seeing her here after a long time so I commented and the biggest thing is you here I'm very surprised to see you anyway, I hope you're fine.You remember when you told me three months ago when I was in a state of extreme depression about the hive blockchain, the words you said to me were very useful to me. I just shut down the hive blockchain and here's trying to @steemit to start all over again.please pray for me and our community @helpageindia.

Just on here for an experiment, and if it works out I'll stay, if not I'll go on with what I was doing.
Right now it's about Hey! Have Ya Met...? project.

 2 months ago 

@jamerussell Okay, do what you like. But on behalf of our community, I greet you for coming. You can come to our community if you want. We always try to welcome everyone.

I know we talked about it privately, but I'll add it here too...
I posted here because I was invited by a current community member. I also delegate to the @indiaunited community on Hive, so this isn't quite as random as it appears. I'm also looking to find a community which will give good support to its members. I'll try a few different communities and see what works.
Thanks for your visit.

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