Betterlife | The Diary Game : 19th February 2021 : How I spent my Day

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Hello everyone ,
how are you all doing ?
I hope everyone is doing good in their life.

The Morning

Today I woke up by 5:30 A.M and then brushed my teeth as usual and then read the morning prayer.

After that I slept and as today was Friday we have to go to read Friday Prayer as well.

I woke up at 10:00 A.M and had my breakfast.
I then went to my room and cut my nails before taking a bath.


After the bath , I dressed up and went to the terrace as well to warn myself in the Sunny day.
After coming down from the terrace me , my brother and my father went to read Namaz.

The Afternoon

We came back to our house by 2:00 P.M and we all were really hungry so I asked mom if the lunch was ready.

she asked us to wait for a bit until the dinner was completely ready. so we waited.

Finally the dinner was here and it was really very tasty 😋.


After having my dinner I rested for few minutes and then started to work.
I had to send a mail regarding some official work to a official person.

It took me sometime to write the mail and then I attached the required documents and sends the mail by 5:00 P.M

And after my work was complete I said good bye to my laptop and shut it down.
And after that I went on to read the Asar Namaz.


After the Asar Namaz the time for next prayer is also very near so I read that as soon as time for that prayer arrived on my location.

The Evening

Now I was free and hungry as well so I asked my sister if she is cooking anything and she said that she was not cooking anything 🥺.

So , I thought of cooking Maggi as i don't know how to cook anything else. but I cook maggi very well.

So I went out and brought Maggi so that I can cook and eat that.
I cooked soupy Maggi today, you can see how it looks like below.


Believe me the maggi was really very very yummy.
After eating maggi , I talked to my uncle living out of India and then went to work again.

I had to write blogs as i am a professional blogger and writes on different social media.

So , I started doing my work and completed it by 10:00 P.M

I then had dinner with my family. After which I took a small walk to digest the food i just ate.

I read the last prayer of the entire day and finally went to my bed to take proper sleep.

That's how I lived the day today.

Good Night

Thank You , for reading here.

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