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We are known by the phrase “Failure is the Pillar of Success”.

In our school days, we added two-three L’s in the spelling of Pillar so that the word can be strong enough to hold the phrase.

Jokes apart. We have learned many stories of failure.

May it is in epic stories like The Iliad, The Mahabharata, The Aeneid, The Odyssey, The Ramayana, The Shah Name, The Buddhacharita, The Divine Comedy, The Raghuvamsa, The Tale of Heike, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Sirat al-Zahir Baibars, and other epics, we have seen failure and how to make failure to success.

In modern days we know how famous people like Harland Sanders maker of KFC, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft, Steve Jobs founder of Apple Incorporation, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey founder of Hershey company, J. K. Rowling the famous writer of Harry Potter, Steven Spielberg the famous filmmaker, Michael Jordan the famous basketball player and even Satyajit Ray the famous Indian filmmaker had failed many times in their journey to become successful.


We heard all and got the inspiration to become successful.

We are always afraid of failure. Most of the time we do not try to do new things for the fear of failure.

But according to my, failure gives us experience. Experience to do the job better next time. Also sometimes failure gives an attitude “You Can Do”.

We have seen many videos of the animal kingdom where the animal is trying to do a particular thing many times.

Initially, they are failing but ultimately get successful.

In my case, I have failed many times in many different times. I failed miserably in some of the cases.

In school days in drawing classes, I failed to draw the circle. In chemistry, classes fail to remember the chemical names and formulas, in biology classes failed to remember the scientific names of plants and animals.

In college failed to became the secretary of the union and also failed to impress the opposite sex.

In management, classes failed to get good points in the first two semesters.

While playing football many times failed to save the goals, at cricket matches failed to score runs.

In jobs, many times failed to impress the clients and lost to earn revenues for the organization.

In family life, many times failed to keep promises to the members.

Initially, I was afraid of failure and not took chances in the fear of failure. But gradually as I have started gaining experiences from those failures, I have started accepting it.


Now I have started analyzing my failures and started to chalk out plans for success.

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@lother68 beautifully written.Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

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Thanks for the remarks.. stay safe

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Well said everyone can't handle their failure properly and for that reason many goes through depression. I believe your post will help to motivate a few people. You have given a couple of examples. I like them. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thought @lother68

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Thanks for your well thought remarks .. stay safe

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You are welcome 😊👍

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loss korlen tho ses hoye gelen amon vaba bokami ami vabi loss korlam tho notun kisu sikhlam .thanks for share your experience.

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Thanks for your well thought views

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Jibon ai rkmi majhe majhe hare giye onk kisu sikhte hoi. Thanks for share your experience.

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Thanks for your comments