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The first relation between two humans, according to me, starts with mother and child.
Which the purest relation on earth.

As the child becomes younger this relationship becomes stronger. But as time progresses this relation turns either positive or not positive in some cases.

The relationship between parents and children depends on various factors at a certain point in time. Most of the time it remains very smooth, but, in certain times it turns very awkward.

Let’s talk about the relation between siblings. Generally, it is remarkable till certain age then in many cases it becomes feeble.

The relation between husband and wife is complicated. It cannot be described in words.

As per me, the first one year after marriage the relation is the sweetest. Everything looks so beautiful.
Anything and everything is being mutually agreed upon in this first year of marriage.

The next two years it becomes stronger, but after the born of the first child and the changing of nappies, late-night or no night sleep, always keeping the baby on the lap, starts the relationship in a little strange position.

This time the relationship depends on the schedule of the baby.

As time progresses sometimes both of them feel that this relationship between husband and wife will not last for coming years and they feel that have to sacrifice many wishes to survive with this relationship.

But, it survives. In later years the relation becomes a dependency. Both of them become more dependent on each other.
There are many family relationships we can discuss. Grandparents with grandchildren, cousins, brothers-in-law, etc., etc.

Then there are relations amongst office colleagues, seniors and juniors, teachers and students, wife and housemaids, husband and housemaids, pets and owner, and so on so forth.

I will discuss those slowly as time progresses.


I will discuss those slowly as time progresses.

Meanwhile, let our relation bloom.

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@lother68 ভীষন সুন্দর লিখেছেন। সম্পর্ক গুলো দারুণ বর্ণনা করেছেন। সাবধানে থাকবেন।

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Baba mar somporker bahire onno sob somporko gula niye amr majhe majhe vison doubt lage.

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tumi onk jotil kore sob likho majhe majhe ami kisui bujhte pari nah .anyway suvessa roilo tomar jnno .