My Grandmother is my all-time Role Model.

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Hello Steemians,
Today I will share about the person who is the Role model of my life. She is none other than my GrandMother(I called her Maam Maam).

She no more exists physically in my life.

She was a cancer patient, and I lost her in the year 2018. Today I have achieved all credits that go to my Grandmother.

I can remember how she sits beside me the whole night during my exam days.

She was my tutor, and whatever knowledge and manners I have learned today only because of her.

For the first time after losing her, I realized the pain which all humans go through.

Even today while eating, studying I feel something is missing. I got 95% on my ICSE Exam. At that time, my Grandmother was the happiest person.

She was a great cook, great poet, great swimmer, and above all, a great human by heart.

Our house was always packed; with relatives because my Grandmother loves to keep relations with all.
I heard many stories about how my Grandmother could swim till the middle of Ganga.

She called me Anit; now I miss the way she called me by my name.
Today I will share a few pictures of my Grandmother when they were celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary.
I will share many more things about her and myself too. Today I take your leave. Take care and do let me know about the person whom you love the most.

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rip ...May the Creator make his next life happy.

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@mandrek Thanks for sharing your Grandmother's story. May her soul rest in peace.

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My grandmother was also one of my favorite people, although she is no longer in the world, but I still remember her. Thank you for your writing.