The morning started with tea

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Every day time starts in different ways. I use the time in different ways and try to keep myself busy in different activities because I think the main action carries an identity to the people.Today's temperature is a little lower than other days so I am thinking a little to start the morning on my own because after a while I will be busy and I will not have time like normal day because the temperature is low and high is at my workplace I have to go.

Out of the seven days of the week, I have been working in my city for four days and for three days in the village and now the amount of cold that comes out of it becomes very difficult.This weekend is the last working day of my city. However, today I have to go to the city and go there and talk to people and do the work that people have. That's how my life goes. From tomorrow, I will have to stay in the village workplace for three consecutive days.
After waking up, I drank a cup of tea to refresh myself because it is very important to me because it would be nice to have a cup of tea in the amount of cold outside and the body will feel a little warm.This is how the morning started. I wish I could spend the whole day well and serve the people well and go to the people and listen to everything.Good morning and warmth to all. And I wish that everyone's well-being is awakened. thank you .