Life on the one hand and livelihood on the other

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The virus has already worsened the economic situation and for the second time the incidence of the virus is increasing again due to which everything has become chaotic, people are constantly dying and the rate of attack by the virus is constantly increasing All in all, there is a lot of instability among the people.The biggest problems have been between the middle class and the lower middle class and the lower income people because their livelihoods have been cut off and the lockdown has been announced anew. All in all, the situation has deteriorated.

The condition of the people who go out for a living and whose livelihood depends on their daily work has become very bad.Today I took refuge in the gynecologist doctor with my beloved wife and did her routine checkup and all in all I was trying to see through the window from the balcony of the hospital while I was standing in the hospital what I saw belowIt bothered me a lot because people were running around for a living inside the lockdown.
The economic situation has become very fragile due to our first lockdown, but the government has given a lockdown in a new way. It is very difficult for people to accept it because if they do not have food in their house, how can they The lockdown will be complied with. In fact, they are no longer afraid of the virus, they are afraid of their livelihood because they are worried about what they will eat at the end of the day.These innocent people can't be stopped by the police in any way and they are not afraid of the virus because at the end of the day their lack of food, their lack of action, they want these things back well before they get these things well then they have to accept the lockdown again agree.

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@shuvo35 nicely written brother.

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thanks for your compliment.

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