Eat fruit and live a healthy life

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My family is not a big family but my family is very small. In fact, we live as a single family, only I am my beloved wife .My wife and I have been going through our personal information for the last few days because our physical condition is not going very well and all in all I am not very well mentally because an unknown panic and a stress is working inside me. Because my wife is pregnant.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, I went to the doctor with my beloved wife and tried to follow her advice well and I think it is becoming very difficult for me to follow those words at this time It is very difficult to live that way.In fact, when someone in the family is sick, the mood is not really right. Different thoughts are always working in my head. However, I am not very comfortable, so I am trying to follow the doctor's words no matter how hard it is.
Anyway, I went to the fruit shop very early this morning and I tried to avoid the crowd so I went to the fruit shop very early in the morning.When I went I saw that the store did not open. Finally I was at least an hour late and then the store opened and finally I bought a lot of fruit.I bought some seasonal fruits and other fruits because with each fruit I want to do whatever it takes to make up for my wife's nutritional deficiencies and all in all I am also trying to keep myself well. I think you should eat more fruits to stay healthy you can.

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@shuvo35 I don't eat fruit so much,but I like to buy.