Relationships are really good from a distance

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When I left this city, I had only 1100 money in my pocket. With this eleven hundred money, I went out with my wife. I did not know where to go.People don't leave home easily, they make such a decision when they are in a lot of trouble and when they are in a lot of trouble in join family life .However, frustration doesn't work anymore because there was a lot of frustration at the time when I had my beloved wife with me, but I didn't have a right destination where to go, where to stay. How to manage all this .

Since I lived with the join family, I had to face these problems all the time and I always had to deal with a lot of stress, however, when I finally left the city, I decided that I would survive on my own at firstIt was a lot of trouble but slowly everything was fine.But I think I made the right decision to get out of the house because if I hadn't been out of the house then, I would have had another situation today that would have been a lot harder for me to accept.Growing up in this city from a young age, I was suddenly leaving this city thinking that it was very difficult that day. But I was confident that one day I would come back to this city but it was in my own identity.
The problems I had at home when I left home gradually subsided after I left home and later I got back in touch with everyone in the house but I never came back because I know relationships are good from afar. It has become very well understood in my days.I am always in this city now but it is for my own needs and my own identity. The people of this city now know me a little bit and respect me a little bit.I think every human being has to go out of the house and look at the world alone, then it is clear how difficult it is to survive in this world. All in all, I am fine now. This is a lot for me and I am trying to be a family from my own place I have a responsibility to do something for them.Finally, all in all, a good time.

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@shuvo35 thank you for sharing your story.Thank God that today you are happy
with your family and I pray to God this happiness will stay with you for lifetime brother.

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thanks for your positive compliment sister 😊❤

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thanks for selecting my post . it's really pleasure for me .