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Hello, Steemians,
As I informed you all earlier that we will very soon come with a contest. So, here we are with ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST OF HelpAge INDIA. Due to the corona situation, we all are unable to go outside of our house; and that is also not safe for us.

That is the reason we decided to run a contest where anyone could participate from home. Many of you have a pet in your house. So, what are you waiting for Just click some decent pictures of your pet and participate in the contest.

A Few Rules:-
1.A people can use a single or several animal pictures.
2.One entry per person
3.The pictures should be original,at least share 3-4 pictures(one picture must be a selfie with a pet)
4.Must tag #apchi one of your tags.
5.Participants should explain their photographs by mentioning their device in at least 150 words.
6.No credit image pictures will be granted.
7.A participant must be a HelpAge India subscriber.


All winners will get 100% upvotes from the curators.

Winners will be selected by admin @helpagindia and curator @royalmacro. The contest will run from 3rd May to 10th May; after that, no entries will be included in the competition.




Hello dear friend @ sonu98 good night
I loved your contest, I think many people will join it.
I wish you a lot of success

 3 months ago 

I am hoping so @jlufer thank you for your wishes. I am also looking for your entry too. Thank you.

 2 months ago 

Sorry @lixue we can't consider your post in this contest untill we are not getting your introduction post and verification post. These all are Mandatory for @steemblog.