Helpage India first Animal Contest Winners Announcement

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Dear steemians and community members,

Last week we announced our first contest on HelpAge India, and it was a truly transcendent experience to see that a few people participated in the competition.

We believe in the next contest we will be able to see many more contestants.

Before announcing the winners; I like to inform, don't get disheartened; those posts have not been selected;
Participation is necessary for improvement; winning and losing are part of life.

Another thing I like to say is this is our first experience running a contest. So forgive us for our mistakes. We all are learners here and trying to give our support to a few good writers.

I like to request @steemcurators; please support us so that we can help a lot more people here. Now, @helpageindia only has 806sp, and we also have to distribute 20 sp for the winners.

I Especially like to request @steemcurator01 and @booming please we need your support.

Now let me announce the winners:-

First Place:- @sampabiswas

post link:-

Second Place:- @piudey

post link:-

Third Place:- @jlufer

Post link:-

winners selected by @helpageindia(admin) and @royalmacro(curator).

Congratulations to all the winners.
Keep attached with @helpageindia.
Prizes will be distributed within three working days in your account.

Please @steemcurator01 request you to visit their posts and support our community.🙏😊

link also shared on our twitter page:
Check out Helpageindia (@Helpageindia1):

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@helpageindia(admin) & @royalmacro(curator) Thank you for selecting my post.I will give my best in future.

 last month 

Congratulations everyone 👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 keep up the good work 👍😊🙏 @sonu98 and @helpageindia

 last month 

Congratulated all Winner. Much love for all.

 last month 

congratulate all winners and all participants.

Hello dear friend @ sonu98 good night
It was a real pleasure to participate in your contest.
What a joy to be among the winners. Thank you very much @helpageindia @royalmacro. to all those who made a winner of my images possible
congratulations to all the winners @sampabiswas @piudey
I wish you all a splendid night

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Thank you

 last month 

Congratulations I hope you will keep continue your posts here @jlufer