Macro shots on Gardenia jasminoides

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They please our eyes mind delightful our hearts. They are indeed smile of Nature.Gardenia jasminoides, tuberose ,rose,marigold are very sweet smelling. While they are in bloom,they seather their fragrance around and act as a falen to all finished hearts . Some common flowers like the marigold , the sunflower etc.are really delightful to look at. A think of beauty is a joy flowers. Flowers are therefore, a percnnial source of joy to me.They are not only things of beauty but also useful for of honey which is both food and medicine bees gather honey from flowers and store it up in their hiues from which me get honey. Last Flowers refresh me my mind. Today I am sharing gardenia jasminoides flowers close shots.






Camera : Redmi note 10 pro max
Macro camera : 5MP
Flowers name: Gardenia jasminoides

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 2 months ago 

@trytry beautiful photography 👍

Wow, look stunningly beautiful.

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