2021 Shipping Season Begins - Shipspotting

After a long winter break from shipping, I was excited to see a ship that wasn't a tanker coming up the St. Clair today! Manitoulin (Lower Lakes Towing) was on her way upbound to Sarnia, Ontario. I'm not sure what she's going to be loading this time, mostly it's petroleum products at Sarnia, but that's for tankers, not bulk carriers like Manitoulin is.

These first shots are from Algonac, Michigan. Most of the icebreaking brigade could be seen on Lake St. Clair (except there are no livestream cameras on the lake.) Griffon, Samuel Risley (Canadian Coast Guard), Morro Bay and Neah Bay (US Coast Guard) were all involved in this operation to get shipping moving again.




You can see her case of "dock/lock rash" marring her sides. (Whether it's "dock" or "lock" depends on where she scraped.)

Manitoulin was rebuilt from a scrapped chemical tanker in 2014-2015 and relaunched in Sarnia, Ontario. She is 664' in length and 78'in beam (width). Read more about her from Boatnerd.



Today's images are from:
StreamTime Live - Marine City, Michigan
StreamTime Live - Algonac, Michigan
The sharing of the pictures/cameras is encouraged for the education and enjoyment of all. Please take a look at these cameras on YouTube.

Note: Boatnerd also hosts shipping news, huge amounts of data about almost any "laker" and even many of the "saltie" visitors - and even a book called "Know Your Ships". I would encourage supporting his great work, especially as he has plans to add more cameras in 2021.

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