Poet by @cryptoki || The Life We Seek

in Steem Lifes2 months ago

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I have understood life in different ways,
Just observing how it left me behind.
Too scared to let go of the past and move on with life,
And am weak to continue trying.

I always jealous people that are living a better life every day,
All I do with my time is hiding from my own fears
And means to escape from the world.

I believed I was destined to help someone,
Now I understand is just an excuse to be just myself.

The pain we pass through in life
Make us weak to continue in life
Sometimes we are lost in the past
Not knowing we are gone.

People change every day,
That doesn't mean we should hurt each other,
There is always a chance to live this life.

I have learnt a lot about life,
No matter what, we all want to survive.
Now overcome your fears,
Stand and face your past.
And never allow life pass you by.