Contest: Steem Health and fitness !! Explain the 5 benefits of regular physical exercise

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Greetings Everyone!!

Welcome to another new competition. Today's competition is deeply involved in our daily lives. I wish your participation.Those who do regular, moderate exercise stay in good health and maintain good health. The need for physical, physical exertion and exercise in every step of life is immense. We always aim at different things, organize competitions on suitable topics.


Health is the root of all happiness. If the body is not good, the mind is not good and if the mind is not good, real happiness and peace cannot be found. Health is the name of physical well-being. Health is an invaluable resource.

Today's competition topic: Steem Health and fitness !! Explain the 5 benefits of regular physical exercise

  • Why we need to exercise regularly, and in what way is exercise good for the body. Write in detail about how important and beneficial exercise is for our body. The purpose of our competition is to inspire others to read your post.

Rules for this Contest:

  • Make sure you add at least 250 words in your post.

  • Share your post through AROUND THE WORLD

  • No plagiarism or abuse of copyright will be allowed
  • Any language is permitted for the writing of this contest.

  • The contest is opened for all participants in Steem.

  • Use Tag: #steem-health

  • Only one entry is allowed.

  • Share your post through Twitter(Optional)

  • Put the link of your entry into the comment session of this post ⬇ for easy identification.

  • The contest ends on 25th July 2021


1st Place 05 STEEM
2nd Place 04 STEEM
3rd Place 03 STEEM
4th Place 02 STEEM
5th Place 01 STEEM

Thank you!


Nice contest @around-theworld.

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Nice contest!

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Thanks for arranging beautiful contest like this.

Great contest..


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Great contest

This is heart warming @around-the world

Good post, I like it
Because of your posing
Anmu, passekli, about
The sport I love, it's the sportSports that I love, then like. 👍

Hola a todos... Aca Mi link para concurso espero les guste! Saludos...

My entry:

Twitter screenshot:

Miniature is quite unfortunate. It's the photo of the elder person making exercises, not the photo of the woman's breast. On steemit it looks much better. I'm very sorry for that :)