Global Warming Prevention Project.Worldwide🌍 Tree🌱 Plantation contest

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Plant trees, save the environment

Not just to enhance the beauty of nature — trees help to save our environment, biodiversity and human life. Plants absorb exactly the amount of oxygen we take in from the human body.We always try to organize competitions on the most important issues. It will benefit the country and the people and create public awareness. I wish all steemit users to participate in the AROUND THE WORLD COMMUNITY competition.

✔TOPIC: Global Warming Prevention Project.Worldwide🌍 Tree🌱 Plantation contest

✔All the rules and regulations for this contest are given below:

  • You need to have a picture with the tree you are going to plant.

  • The word count of the post must be at least 200

  • You do not have to post a picture of the previous planting moment. You must have a picture of the time during this contest.

  • You have to upload a minimum of three pictures. There is no maximum limit.

  • The link to your entry post should be commented below this post. Be sure to resteem this post.

  • Your post must be done in AROUND THE WORLD community.

  • must include 1st tag #thenaturalworld


This competition will Run for 07 Days.


1st place 10 STEEM
2nd place 7 STEEM
3rd place 5 STEEM
4th place 3 STEEM

You mention your friends to participate in the competition.

Thank You

 3 months ago 

We should indeed try to save our environment and save human life.

 3 months ago 

It's a very interesting contest. I Will attend this contest .

Such a great idea to save mother earth! Thanks much for the this contest and for your effort. Inviting @sundae100230 and @jenny018 to join this contest.

 3 months ago 

Nice contest

The idea of this competition is very beautiful. I will participate in this competition with great pleasure. Finally, I would like to say one word, many thanks to the @around-theworld community for giving such a beautiful competition.

It's a popular contest,i will try my best to join this contest.


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 3 months ago 

This is a very important contest. I will join this contest

Excelente iniciativa, que esta propuesta ayude a crear conciencia para ayudar al único planeta que tenemos.