Contest: Tell Us about your favorite football⚽ player

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Hello Everyone!

Football is our favorite sport. I like one team at a time. But we like the football team for better players. That's why today's competition is about the football player of your choice. Through your posts we will find out who is your favorite player and why you like him. Everyone will learn something new through this competition. I wish all of you to participate.

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Today's competition topic: Tell Us about your favorite football⚽ player

  • Enter the name of your favorite football player. Write down in detail why you like this player.

Rules for this Contest:

  • Make sure you add at least 250 words in your post.

  • Share your post through AROUND THE WORLD

  • No plagiarism or abuse of copyright will be allowed.
  • Any language is permitted for the writing of this contest.

  • The contest is opened for all participants in Steem.

  • use tag: #steemplayfootball

  • Put the link of your entry into the comment session of this post ⬇ for easy identification.

                 The contest ends on 18th July 2021


1st Place 5 STEEM
2nd Place 4 STEEM
3rd Place 3 STEEM
4th Place 2 STEEM
5th Place 1 STEEM

All participants in this competition will be awarded 0.100 Steem Reward.
I wish your participation.

Thank you!


Wow this a wonderful contest, as a newbie in this community this will be my first post in the community after i participate in this contest


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 2 months ago 

That's a nice contest. I am going to participate in this contest.

Excelente concurso, muchas gracias. Bendiciones a todos.

 2 months ago 

Beautiful contest. I will attend this contest Insaallah.

Great contest. i well attend this contest soon.

Hola buen día, acá dejo mi participación espero les guste, saludos.

hi, I am @fajrihasan12 from Indonesia. I am a Milanista. I wan to tell about my favorite football player, Andry Shevchenko..

Happy read it !