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Hello Everyone!!

We have decided to make Top Selection every day keeping in mind the needs of all Steemit Users. This will allow Steemit users to easily read and view the best posts every day. Our community administration team has made such a decision thinking of your convenience. We will select a maximum of 5 Top. Hope you like your posts. And we will select 5 posts of 5 different (different topics) every day keeping your words in mind.Our community has users from different countries and those who are proficient in various subjects. And we will select their various skill posts for your convenience.


Today We Have Selected Top Five Posts On Five Subject :

  • Art
  • Future Plan
  • Thediarygame
  • Ten Pic of the town
  • Macro photography
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We are still looking for more quality post to curate. In this case, @steemcurator01 would also be pleased to welcome you with some upvote.

We therefore thank our Team of Curators for their daily support.

Thanks for your Attention!


Great selection. We thank everyone for your efforts.

Thanks for pick my post on the top list

Top select posts are really good post, you have selected the posts very skillfully, I am very happy if my post is selected in the top post post.

keep working to be the best

Congratulations to those who have chosen the best posts and works in the #AROUNDTHEWORLD🌍 Community, I hope this choice will be a boost for friends who are in this community ...

 2 months ago 

Great selection. And thanks for selecting my post in the daily curation

 2 months ago 

Your slection is really good bro🎀

 2 months ago 

Great selection💐💐Next time I will try 💪💪💪

Great selection... Next time I will try my best Insaallah.

 2 months ago 

It was great selection from the community post, there are lot of user who published more quality post from their you select top five quality post.Thanks for find out and show out with us.

Hi, @around-theworld
I always listen to the posts in this community, and of course lots of great posts from steemians, but today I'm really glad you chose my post as one of the best posts of the day.
Best regards!

 last month 

Great selection.