Contest: Sunset photography competition around the world

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Hello Everyone!!

Photography is a hobby of many people. With the passage of time, various social media have been created, so naturally the scope of photography profession has increased. People are now desperate to save every moment of life with one click. That's why I organized a new competition for you. I wish all of you to participate. We all like to watch the sunset. That is why this competition is organized for you. Win Prize Pool by sharing your photo.

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Today's competition topic: Sunset photography competition around the world.

  • Share the most beautiful sunset pictures you have ever taken.

Rules for this Contest:

  • No plagiarism or abuse of copyright will be allowed
  • Any language is permitted for the writing of this contest.

  • The contest is opened for all participants in Steem.

  • Use Tag: #steem-photography

  • Only one entry is allowed.

  • Share your post through Twitter(Optional)

  • Put the link of your entry into the comment session of this post ⬇ for easy identification.

  • The contest ends on 21th July 2021.


1st Place 5 STEEM
2nd Place 4 STEEM
3rd Place 3 STEEM
4th Place 2 STEEM
4th Place 1 STEEM

I wish your participation

Thank you!



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 2 months ago 

Greay competition, i will try this competition

A very beautiful competition, I will join this competition

 2 months ago 

This is a very good competition. I will join this competition very soon

Great competition! I will try to join it! In sha Allah

এটি খুবই সুন্দর একটি প্রতিযোগিতা। আমি খুব শীঘ্রই এই প্রতিযোগিতায় অংশগ্রহণ করব, সবাইকে ধন্যবাদ।

 2 months ago 

Good Contest. I will participate.

 2 months ago 

It’s a very interesting contest. I will join this contest Insaallah.

এটি খুবই সুন্দর একটি প্রতিযোগিতা।

 2 months ago 

Great compitision... I will try my best🥰

Beautiful contest....
I like this contest very much...

 2 months ago 

This is wonderful competition that you arranged. I will try to participate to the competition soon

 2 months ago 

This is very easy and beautiful contest

Hola amigos, buenas noches. Estoy feliz de participar en este bello concurso. Mi participación:

Hello friends, good night. I am happy to participate in this beautiful contest. My participation:

Puesta al sol en la Avenida Perimetral de Cumaná. Estado Sucre. Venezuela. Foto tomada con mi celular Honor 7S. Editada tipo collage para este comentario, utilizando PowerPoint.

Sunset on the Avenida Perimetral de Cumaná. Sucre state. Venezuela. Photo taken with my Honor 7S cell phone. Edited collage type for this comment, using PowerPoint.

Hello @art-bangladesh, this is my entry for this sunset photography contest. Thank you.


Here is my contribution to the contest


Link to the image sunset in Ibiza