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Hello friends,

how are you all Hope everybody is doing very well. Today I have come to share this story with you again all day long. Because I'll let you know how I spend all day. Hope you all like it a lot.


Today, like every day, I woke up first. Because waking up is my habit for many days. I don't wake up and brush my teeth and wash my hands and face. Then I did not call my parents to eat seheri. Then we all did not eat sehri together. Then when we have finished eating sehri, we all wait for the call to prayer. Then the call to prayer was not offered.


Then I want to take a little rest after prayers. Because you have to wake up early in the morning. So I fell asleep early. Then I woke up early in the morning. After waking up I told my mom I wanted to take a little walk outside. Because I don't like not walking in the morning. So in the morning there is a little walk. Walking keeps the body and mind well. After a short walk I came back to our house. Come back to the ground and water the trees around our house. I like to water the Karan .


Then when I go to the roof. Then I saw a small tree on the roof. Then I planted the tree in the ground with great care. Because I like to see the small tree. So I planted that little tree very carefully. Then he put water in the tree. Because the little tree was so beautiful. So I take good care of that tree. Then when the tree is planted. I haven't taken any pictures in the sky. Because the weather was too bad to rain today. Then the sky looked very beautiful.


So I planted the small tree in the top of it. Then there are some pictures of the sky. It is very beautiful to see the sky in the afternoon. I feel like looking at the sky again and again. So I didn't take a lot of pictures from around the sky. The sky looks so beautiful from our roof. I think the sky is in my hand. Sometimes I think I can touch the sky if I make a profit. I like it very much then. I enjoy that beautiful moment. I have a lot of interest in beautiful things.

Come closer again, turn around and water the beautiful trees. Then there will be no housework, they are not finished. Then sometimes sewing works. I love working on rocks again. Sometimes he watches television when he has time. Sometimes I see cartoons in my mobile. I like to cut. So I watch cartoons on mobile all the time. So I am very busy all day.


I like to work a lot. So I do housework as well as sewing. I like to do all kinds of work. I never disrespect work. Because people should do all the work. Not all work, big or small, is bad. It is better for everyone to be together. So I never underestimate anyone. I love everyone so much. So I am very happy with everyone together. I never have any problems with anyone. So my life wants to eat happily.

I hope you all like my story of the day. Because I am very busy all day. So I haven't shared the story with you all day. I hope you all will be very happy. And you will like my story very much.

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Todo tu primer árbol se ve tan hermoso. Espero que puedas ser un buen fotógrafo. Las bendiciones permanecen para ti