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Firstly I would like to thank @art-bangladesh for arranging such a beautiful contest.
What about you guys?
I hope fine. I'm fine too

I'm MD Rakibul Islam from Bangladesh.
I completed my diplomatic course on power technology.
Every person has a goal of his life. An aimless person is like a wingless bird. To prosper in life you must have to fix your goal means your future plan. And then you have to go forward following the way. To reach to the goal of our life we firstly needed a strong determination and hard efforts. Then we can earn succeed in our life besides our future plan will be full fill then.
Thus I decided to be an artist as famous all the world. This is my goal my future plan my aim as you can tell. Drawing is my favourite hobby from the little age of my life. My teachers, my friends, elder brothers impressed me highly about art. Then I fixed my target to be an artist. I would like to thank them who impress me. I like to paint of many natural sight, different flower and some creative artwork. This is the primary stage of trying to make me as an well artist. I didn’t had any institutional training on art but I always try to gain knowledge about art from YouTube art tutorials. There are many famous artist gives us many important and valuable concept about art.
Gaining some little knowledge on art I tried to draw some artworks about landscape, which I provided in this platform before, Now I'm sharing those artworks
I tried to draw on three colour, pencil colour, water colour and poster colour. I have gained some more knowledge about the three coloured art, and I provided those three kind of art picture in the photo. Now I'm trying to gain knowledge on acrylic colour and oil colour. Already I order some acrylic colou and oil colour shads and some canvas paper in an online based shopping market. I always do something better on art and work hard on it. In life every time is learning period, If I learn more I will know more. this sentence motivate me so much.
And I trust the says that,, if you want to do something, you just need a solid determination and restless efforts. So I try to do my best to do something better in future on art. I want to represent the natural beauty in all over the world with my own experience.

On the other hand I always get remind to Almighty. And pray for helping me.

We always should work honestly to full fill our future plan or we won’t be succeed in life.

So best of luck for my friends.
I pray for you to have a bright future
I feel so happy sharing about my future plan with you all.

And thanks a lot for visiting my post.

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Tu publicación ha sido muy buena. La calidad es una publicación

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Thanks brother😍

Your paintings are amazing so professional, so elegant, and bright. Hands down <3

An aimless person is like a wingless bird.

rightly said. aims are so important to be successful in life until unless we don't have goals we don't know in which direction and with what pace we have to move in our life.

Thus I decided to be an artist as famous all the world. This is my goal my future plan

You are doing great. May you succeed in fulfilling the aim of your life you are already working very hard. May Allah always guide you and helps you in taking the right decisions.

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Thanks a lot for impressing me by your valuable comment,,