CONTEST# Earn Steem By Answer to the question.Day #12

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Hello friends today we end this answer to the question contest for few days, now we will run new contest which i will provide as soon as possible.So keep following Around-theworld community.

#CONTEST# Earn Steem By Answer to the question.Day #12

Hello friends, today I have come up with a small contest in which you will give answer through comments and you will be rewarded in return for answer.

It's a funny competition and it's would be a jokes or a question you have to answer the question and i will send rewards to all winners equally.

For this contest i make some simple rules.

  • Follow me @nevlu123 (Optional)
  • Resteem this post
  • Upvote this post (Optional)

Today's Question is :

  • Who walk on eight legs, Sit on fours legs.Not a crocodile, not a tiger The whole man swallowed.


3 Steem

Answer accepted till then 11-6-2021 9pm.After 9pm i will send the rewards to winners.

When i publishing new contest i will mention those winner's who participate in this contest.

Previous Question was :

  • We know that the sun rises In the early morningi want to say in which country The sun rises in the middle of the night.

Previous answer was :

Northern Norway

Day #11 winners list here who follow the all rules. Congratulations to all winners and thanks for participation. I invite you next contest.


So friends let's earn with fun.I will do it continue just follow the update post.

Thanks to our Community Admin @art-bangladesh and also thanks to moderator @oppongk and @around-theworld for your cordiality for this community.

Also thanks to our Copyright checker team who work hard against of plagiarism.

Big Thanks to @stephenkendal sir for promoting steem always,also thanks for the support.



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Thank you for the first reward.

  • My entry

The answer to this quiz is Palanquin. It is used by the Eastern part of India's to carry royalties.

I invite

I have upvoted and resteem this post.
The answer is Palanquin.
I am inviting @hazmat, @goodybest @pricelesspresh to this contest

Hola qué tal a todos, mi respuesta es PALANQUIN

Invito a @yahnel, @yancito, @caleiny

Answer: Palanquin
I am inviting

Answer: Palaquin
I invited
@paqula16 to participate this contest.

 6 months ago 

Answer: Palanquin.



Day #12
Answer : Palanquin
I invite:

Answer: Palanquin.



For this week question my answer is also

I also invite to my co-steemian to participate this contest


The answer to this question is PALANQUIN

I will invite my friends to join this contest


Answer: Palanquin
I am inviting

Answer: Palanquin


mi respuesta es un Palanquín
invito aparticipar a @jomarcarol @lusequera @villacalila16

Good day everyone,my answer is PALANQUIN. And I invite;

The answer is : Black widow spider.

As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I invite my friend @som1, @abhijitmahato and @david9806 in this contest. I have re-steemed this announcement.

I have already subscribed AROUND THE WORLD🌍 community. I also upvoted this post and followed @nevlu123.

good job dear

My answer is PALANQUIN
Am inviting:
I have upvoted with @joycebubble and resteemed

That's cool. Let me check it out

Thank you..

 6 months ago 

Day #12
Answer: Palanquin.


 6 months ago 

Reward sending done.

Thank you🤗

Thank you😊

Thank you ❤

Thank you so much

Wow... Thanks so much


 6 months ago 

My answer is PALANQUIN


 6 months ago 

My answer is PALANQUIN.
Invited some friends 👇


 6 months ago 

My💪 answer : PALANQUIN.
Invited some friends 👇


Thanks @rayhan111 for the invitation,

My ans: Palanquin.
Inviting @n-chris, @alibahi, @daniela26 to SUBSCRIBE to this community, Read the Contest Rules and Participate.

My answer is PALANQUIN
Inviting @camzy, @bright-obias,@badshal

The answer is "Palanquin" also called as litter used by ancient royals to travel. Usually carried by four men. Can occupy 1 person or more and they can even dine inside the Palanquin

I invite @hae-ra, @jenny018, @aziel29

Día #12
Respuesta: Palanquin

Invito a mis compañeros @willialba, @williany @dioselynheredia

The answer to yiur question is:

am inviting the following:

The answer is > Palanquins a type of human-powered transport that ancient Indian and Chinese royalty used for long trips.

I Invite

Funny contest. Regards

Really, u r right

answer is PALANQUIN.
Invited some friends 👇


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