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Hello👋 friends, I hope you are all very well, I am also very well today, because today I will talk to you about a day that you can understand when I see how much fun I have, where I have traveled and how much fun. Enjoyed🌹🌹🌺🌺

Today I have toured our city completely and I have learned about my city, how beautiful my city is, today I will share with you about my city, today I will tell you about how beautiful my city is.

Our Sirajganj city is located on the banks of the river Jamuna, the river Jamuna has made this Sirajganj city developed and beautiful, the river Jamuna is called the life in Sirajganj, the river Jamuna is very beautiful, there are four big rivers in Bangladesh.

So today I went for a walk on the river Jamuna and I took a boat trip on the river Jamuna, thousands of people come on the river Jamuna and they go on a boat travel.

Boat travel on the Jamuna river


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There is another valuable place in the city of Sirajganj, the name of this place is Shaheed M Mansur Ali Medical College, Shaheed M Mansur Ali Medical College is the second largest medical college in Bangladesh.

Shaheed M Mansur Ali Medical College is located next to the city of Sirajganj, the campus of this college is very beautiful and captivating.

Shaheed M A Mansur Ali Medical College Sirajganj


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Avicenna Hospital is one of the private hospitals in Sirajganj. The treatment of Avicenna Hospital is very beautiful and modern.

The skilled doctors of the hospital always provide treatment, the use of nurses and doctors in this hospital is very beautiful, the patients who come here get healthy treatment and they recover quickly, so the importance of this hospital and the reputation of the hospital has spread.

Avicenna Hospital Sirajganj


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In order to preserve the tradition of Sirajganj, trade fairs are organized every year. These fairs are very well celebrated. People come from far and wide to enjoy the trade fairs. The trade fairs are made up of various colors.

Commercial fairs are held at the same time every year so all the people of Sirajganj are waiting for this fair. When this fair comes, they will know about the industry and they will know about the industry.

Industrial Products Fair Sirajganj


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I came to visit the river Jamuna with my friends today, I like the river very much, the weather of the river Jamuna is mixed with our body, I like the weather of the river Jamuna very much, so I came to the river bank and started playing with the river water, in the river water I shook hands. The river water is cold and very cold.

A time of joy in the river Jamuna


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We all traveled together in a boat on the river Jamuna, boat travel is a joy and fun, traveling by boat gives us information about the weather of the river and the cool breeze of the river, so we all traveled together by boat.

I proved that there is a lot of joy in traveling by boat with many people. We all sang and had fun.

Boat travelling


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There is a green flower garden in the city of Sirajganj, there is a flower garden here as well as a small garden of small trees, there are beautiful trees here, which has made our road very beautiful, people enjoy the beauty of this garden when they walk along the road.

The combination of green is a natural garden


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Our Sirajganj city is improving a lot. The present situation of Sirajganj city is much better than before. The municipality of Sirajganj has improved a lot now. I like the gate of the municipality very much. It has created a beautiful environment inside the municipality.

Sirajganj Municipality


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Sometimes in the afternoon we go and sit at the railway station in Sirajganj. When we go and sit at the railway station, we feel better because it is very beautiful at the railway station. When we go to the railway station in the afternoon, we see thousands of people sitting on the railway station Real comes when I go to the railway station and one can enjoy the beauty of this train. Bangladesh Rail is an important.

Railway station Sirajganj


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I traveled all day to our Sirajganj city and learned about Sirajganj city, it was afternoon now the sun will set, the sun has come from the eastern sky to the western sky, now the sun will set I liked this moment very much, I looked at the sun and the sun's light dimmed Stay, it will get dark gradually, I liked this scene very much.

The sun sets in the late afternoon


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Although Sirajganj is a small city, I don't know if we have a more beautiful city in Bangladesh than Sirajganj, but I will call Sirajganj the most beautiful city, so I want you all to come and visit my city and see my Sirajganj city. How beautiful my city will look.

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Tu ciudad es muy hermosa, veré tu ciudad si alguna vez hay una oportunidad.

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Wow, your city is really beautiful, this city is very familiar to me, I have been to this city many times, this city is very beautiful, and you have shown the beauty of the city in such a beautiful way, I will visit this city again.

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All of your photographs are really amazing brother