The dairy game || season 3 || 05-05-2021

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Hello friends,

I woke up at dawn like every day. I woke up and freshened up first. After freshening up, we all sat down to eat sehri together. After eating sehri, I saw that Babu had woken up. So I went to put Babu to sleep. When he fell asleep, I got up again and offered Asr prayers. After the prayers, I lay down again for a while I work on the platform for a while while lying down. I fell asleep again while working. So I fell asleep. I woke up again in the morning and got fresh. After getting fresh, the mango juice of our mango tree is falling from outside. So my sister-in-law and brother-in-law went to pick mangoes from the mango tree.


Many mangoes have been planted today. I also had a lot of fun laying mangoes under the mango tree. They were planting mangoes. I picked mangoes for a while. When Ampara was over, I came home with all the mangoes. When I came home, I saw Babu waking up. First I took him fresh. When it was fresh, I brought mangoes to the mango tree and wanted to see them. So I put him in front of the mango. He had to do mischief with all the mangoes. Then I went to make some food for Babu. I made the food and put it under the fan to cool down for a while. Then when it was cold, I fed Babu a little. After eating, I washed some of his clothes and dried them on the roof. Then I had some work to do. I saw Babu had to play a little so I sat with him.


I gave Babu a bath around noon. Then I put on clothes and took them fresh. I saw that he was getting sleep so I put him to sleep after eating a light meal. Then I took a bath myself. After taking a bath, I came to dry the roof with clothes. Then I came to rest for a while. After resting for a while, I got up to cook and get everyone ready for Iftar. So my mother-in-law and I went to cook. I took everything in stride. My mother-in-law will cook in the oven. I have prepared all the items that will be made for Iftar.

1619949309095 (1).jpg

Today I will make a new dessert for Iftar. I will make this result only with eggs and sugar. So I broke the eggs to make dessert and beat them with an electric beater. After biting, I took the dessert in the bowl in which I would set it. Then I put the water in a pan in the oven to make dessert. Then I put a stand inside it and then I put a bowl of dessert. This is how I made this egg dessert.

1619949395463 (1).jpg

It would be much better to eat in Iftar today. When everything was ready for Iftar, I brought it and put it in order. Then I washed my hands and waited for iftar. After the call to prayer, we all started breaking the fast together. After breaking the fast, I arranged everything again. Then I rested for a while. Today I feel very tired so I went to bed.

That was the story of my whole day today.

Thanks everyone who supported me

Spacial thanks to @tasonya

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Really wonderful diary game post

Thank you

I wish you a happy day, and I love all these pictures of you.💖💗💝